edit test

When clicking on the test in the tests list you will get the overview of the test where you can edit all the test settings.

On top of the page are the global settings for the whole tests. Below is the list of the different search types. Then the start task and finally the normal decision tasks. When you want to try the test during the test creation you can simply click on "run test try".

The "edit test globals" page appears when you click on the "edit" button below the global settings in the "edit test" page. Here you can change these settings (see also add test).

The searchtypes are the different modes the proband can search. You can arbitrary select as much of them by simply clicking on the checkboxes. When more than one are selected the probands are rotational assigned to one of them. By clicking on the "edit instructions" link on the right of each search type, you can assign a special search instruction for the proband.

The instruction of the probands search type is displayed before the tasks. So the probands get, depending on the assigned search type, the right instruction about the proceedings. Attention: if those instructions are empty, a page only with a

The starttask is always the first task. For eliminating influences through the sequence of the tasks, the order of the other tasks is permutated for every proband. For creating a new task simply click on the "add" button or on the link "add task" in the menu bar.

A new task consists of a name (only internally displayed), the decision task, and the message or question that is displayed before the choices.
--> edit task

You can also import the task from an existing task file (.dta) . This file must be a correct WebDiP task file and have the ending "dta".